Reach Millions of Listeners with the Help of Spotify Promotion

Reach Millions of Listeners with the Help of Spotify Promotion


 Everybody loves music. It doesn’t matter whether you are old, young, rich, or poor. It is something that transcends the physical and affects the mental being of a person. It transcends demographic and ethnicity. There is a genre for every single person to satiate their needs. The mode of listening to music has been changing ever since the introduction of the internet and digital devices. In the past, people used to listen to music on the radio and television. Music used to come in cassettes or CD format. If someone wanted to listen to a song, they had to buy the entire album for that one song. It increased the cost and restricted access to music.


Due to technological innovations, people now listen to music on their phones at any place, anytime. Its convenience and feasibility have made it a popular mode for people worldwide. Since 2017, the revenue from music streaming has been increasing steadily from $12.87 billion to $27.81 billion in 2022. Comparatively, the revenue from music downloads has been decreasing from $2.3 billion to $1.41 billion. Now, it is the age of streaming. With the introduction of streaming, many platforms have entered the domain to capture the market. They try to use convenience and design to attract users to their platform. While there are many platforms, one has set itself apart from the rest. One platform has ensured that it is the most popular audio streaming platform in every country. It is Spotify.


About Spotify


Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming platform that is one of the most extensive audio streaming services in the world. It has two versions, free and premium. The free version allows users to listen to music and podcasts for 30 minutes or up to 6 songs (whichever comes earlier), after which they will have to listen to advertisements that can range from one to two minutes. The premium version allows users to listen to all the audio content available on the platform with no advertisements. 

They have other features, which include the ability to cast Spotify from their phone to other smart devices and access to premium content. The payment plan is designed in a way that satisfies the needs of all users. Payment is allowed for one day, one week, a month, and a year. Payment is allowed for both individuals and families. Their unique and understanding payment plans have increased their popularity which has caused their subscribers to increase from 92 million in 2015 to 575 million in 2021. 


Problems Faced by New Artists


Spotify is the world's leading audio service provider, and artists are now forced to promote their content on this platform to increase their relevance. However, if any artist decides to list their content on Spotify, they are in for an uphill task.

Digital streaming is not as economically popular as selling cassettes. The artists now make meager money from each listener. Once they pay for all their expenses and handler fees, these artists are left with nearly nothing from one listener. So, to make some decent revenue from the platform, the content must be visited by many people. A simple search is enough to get a calculator to calculate the royalty revenue based on the number of streams. For Spotify, an artist will get $4000 for a million streams. While this looks like a lot, it is crucial to understand that an artist will have to pay for the studio and agency, after which they are left with nothing.

Moreover, new artists are not able to reach the popularity to get a million streams. While established artists have a fan base who will add to their streams, new artists must fight for that one hit that will take them to the next level. Sadly, it is common to see much content with potential never reaching the top because they were ignored by people due to their obscure natures.


The Grand Solution


Many websites help in the promotion of audio content, which is crucial to increase the popularity of the content. One of the most renowned names in the field is Spotifypanel. They provide artists with services to increase the streams at a reasonable price.

Usually, the streams are inorganic, which comes with many problems. They are flagged by Spotify, and the artists don't gain much from it. However, Spotifypanel generates organic content that guarantees royalties to all the artists subscribed to the platform.

These services are provided on a tiny budget to the artists. This is the only way for them to go against the established tier and guarantee that their content can gain a foothold in the minds of the listeners. Listeners usually listen to the content only if it is placed directly in front of them. 

There are three payment plans for the provider based on the different needs of the artists.


  • Premium Plays – It guarantees fast delivery and is meant to position the artist's content on the Spotify radio playlist. It is only for people from US and EU countries. While there will never be a drop in the number of plays, this plan is meant to promote a single track of content. It is priced at 23 cents.
  • Followers – There is a guarantee of lifetime followers, and it is meant to help the artists position themselves on the rankings. A higher number of followers will cause the artist themselves to be famous. Priced at 19 cents, this is not meant to make a single track famous.
  • Monthly Listeners – This is to increase the rankings on the Spotify radio playlist. It is essential for an artist as it shows how consistent their content is. Users will be attracted to the content on this type of ranking. It is priced at 49 cents.


 New artists must reach millions of listeners with the help of Spotify promotion to generate revenues that will help them to make a career in this industry. The target market of Spotifypanel is the small artists who have no way to compete with the prominent artists. This initial push will help them to compete with the big names and reach the potential they were meant to reach.




Efe Onsoy


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