How to See Who Likes Your Playlist on Spotify

How to See Who Likes Your Playlist on Spotify


 If you've been wondering how to see who likes your playlist on Spotify, you're not alone. Sadly, there is no such reliable way. In fact, it's just impossible to do. So, what can you do? Well, first off, stop wasting your time looking for a hack or workaround.


 First of all: It's not possible


 While Spotify doesn't have a feature where you can see who has liked your playlist, its not like spotify plays numbers. You can look at how many people are following you or liking your playlist. By doing this, you can determine how many people are actually liking your spotify playlist. This information can help you figure out who is listening to your music and who may be a hater.

The reason why Spotify removed this feature is because it might have compromised user privacy. However, the company has not stated when it will bring back this feature. You can, however, make a request for it in the "Not Right Now" tab.


 There is No Reliable Workaround


 Seeing who likes your playlist on Spotify is difficult. You cannot receive notifications if someone likes your playlist unless they've actually followed your profile. The best way to figure out who likes your playlist is to wait until you have a new follower, then check their profile.

Spotify does allow you to see who follows your playlist, but you'll need to be endorsed by them. To see this information, go to the "Followers" tab in your profile.


 There is no reliable way


 Spotify does not provide a simple feature to see who likes your playlist. While you can view the number of likes and followers on your profile, you can't figure out if someone actually liked your playlist. Instead, you can use deductive reasoning to figure out who listened to your playlist.

To view this information, you'll have to sign in to your Spotify account. Then, go to the right side of the screen. On desktop users, this number will be on the far right side of the screen, above the Downloaded button.



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