How to Presave on Spotify

How to Presave on Spotify


 When you want to make a Spotify pre-save campaign, the easiest way is to work directly with a distributor of your music. The distributor is responsible for uploading your music to streaming platforms, and they will be able to help you set up your pre-save link and make it easy for your fans to pre-save your track.


 Pre-save Campaign Rewards


 One of the best ways to encourage listeners to save a track is to reward them with pre-save campaign rewards. These can be anything from an exclusive early release track to a coupon code or Dropbox link. Other great ways to reward listeners are contests and giveaways. You can give your audience an opportunity to win exclusive music, artist merchandise, tickets to exclusive shows, or even rehearsal invitations. Contests are also an excellent way to generate more content for future promotional efforts.

Pre-save campaign rewards on Spotify plays are an excellent way to generate buzz for your new music. By allowing your fans to pre-save your tracks in advance, you can increase the likelihood of your music gaining a lot of attention and becoming one of the most-streamed tracks of the day.


 Setting Up a Pre-save Campaign


 If you're releasing a new track, setting up a pre-save campaign is an effective way to get your music in front of new listeners. These campaigns work by building up an artist's fan base, and the more people who pre-save a track, the more exposure the artist gets. It's all about getting fans excited for the track! Spotify pre-saves are not a new concept, but they used to only be available to big artists.

When using a Spotify pre-save campaign, artists and labels can build anticipation for their new releases and drive real action. Once the release date of your new track comes around, you can almost guarantee that your music will receive plenty of listens. This can lead to a boost in your Spotify presence and increase sales.


 Influencing the Spotify Algorithm


 Presaving your songs before Spotify's algorithm updates them is a great way to increase your chance of getting them included in its playlists. However, it is important to note that Spotify doesn't have any concrete data on the effectiveness of this strategy. If you want to see a greater chance of getting your songs added to the algorithm, you can try a few different strategies.

First of all, try to encourage your fans to pre-save your music. That way, they will be able to hear your music when Spotify opens. Another great way is to sign up for a service like Tunecore, which works with the algorithm and playlisters to make sure your music is on Spotify.

Another way to get more listens is to promote your music through Spotify Ad Studio. The ads are interspersed between the songs on Spotify. If you've had any experience with digital advertising, then you'll recognize this ad format. They're easy to understand and feature a voiceover.

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