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Best AI Tools to Boost Independent Musician’s Careers

Best AI Tools to Boost Independent Musician’s Careers

    With emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), in particular, this accessibility afforded to musicians goes beyond being discovered and interacting with listeners. As this article outlines, AI-powered tools can help boost independent musicians’ careers by giving them more control over their creative process and music distribution. Here's a closer look below.


Songwriting Process – SongStarter


 Any musician knows how much of a struggle it can be to overcome writer’s block and pick up the pen. This is where the AI-powered musical idea generator SongStarter comes in. SongStarter presents three unique and royalty-free beats, melodies, and chord progressions, which you can then use to start off your songwriting or jamming sessions.

  User input comes in the form of rolling dice, but you can also type in lyrics or emojis if you want more specific results. Once you’ve chosen a musical idea, you can take it a step further by changing the mood to suit your preferences.


Song Recording - Adobe Enhance Speech

    Many musicians worry whether the accessibility of a digitalized music industry comes at the expense of quality, since independent musicians are more likely to make recordings in their bedroom than in a professional studio. But Adobe’s free AI speech enhancement tool called Enhance Speech can address this problem by removing background noise and unwanted echo.

    Another feature to take advantage of is the mic-check feature which evaluates your recording setup. One of the best microphones for vocals reviewed on Shout4Music is the Neumann U87 AI. Musicians who record with this microphone know how it's versatile enough to capture vocals and instruments, with a balanced audio response that creates a rich and vibrant output. However, one of its cons as a condenser mic is its sensitivity to live sounds, such as instrument feedback.

    But with Enhance Speech’s AI, you gain more insight into how background noise is affecting your recording. This improves your overall sound clarity and quality, enough to rival that of a studio recording.


Music Production - LALAl.AI

    Many rely on software plugins for music production, but if you want to get an authentic analog sound, hardware synthesizers are the way to go. In the current market, the best hardware synthesizers include the Korg Minilogue Bass, which is equipped with 4-voice polyphonic settings and eight play modes that you can experiment with. 

    However, the Korg Minilogue Bass, like most hardware synths, is on the pricier end. If you still want the sonic effects and quality of hardware synths without breaking the bank, LALAL.AI is an online stem splitter that allows you to extract musical instruments like drums, bass, and synths from an original audio. You can then use the high-quality stems for your sampling mixes or creating covers and mashups.


Music Promotion - Spotify Enhance and Spotify Panel


    Nowadays, streaming services like Spotify deploy AI-based algorithms to enhance engagement and long-term user satisfaction. As previously mentioned in an article on ‘10 Tips to Get Spotify Promotion’, it’s essential for musicians to understand how Spotify’s algorithm works so that they can promote to their target audience.

    Independent musicians can thus experiment with Spotify’s in-house playlist-building feature called Enhance. Using AI, a single track that you publish can be transformed into a playlist with similar artists and genres. This includes you in the suggestions for the listeners of these same artists and genres for better discovery.

    While AI can be a catalyst for music promotion this way, you can better achieve organic engagement through SpotifyPanel’s paid services. This service leverages user profiles to build your streams and followers based on real user experience. Spotify Panel’s platform is also user-friendly, as you can simply sign up, order your content, and pay for the service within a few minutes.

Written by Allison Jewel Conway
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